Episode 029: Megan Ericson

Ok Mamas this is definitely one of our longer podcast episodes but hear me out - it is totally worth your time! Today I am interviewing my friend Megan Ericson. She’s a writer, podcaster and social media marketer based in central Ohio. She’s a Mama to 3 little ones, a chronic purger, keeper of a capsule wardrobe and seeker of ways to simplify life.

In addition, Megan is a certified enneagram coach! She has had a love for the enneagram for a while and she explores how each personality type lives online. Ok so if you’re like, what in the world is the enneagram or if you’ve heard about it before but have been skeptical or even if you love it - you’ve gotta hear what Megan has to say. We dive right into a brief overview of each type, how they might feel as a Mother, how the enneagram can help us practice self-care and then also how we can use it as a tool not only for us but also in our parenting. So buckle up and enjoy this episode with my friend Megan.

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